About Us

We are family owned and operated and have been active in the Danbury and surrounding communities since we opened our doors in 2005.  We are licensed for 72 children and achieved NAEYC Accreditation in August of 2016 .  Because of our size, and the commitment from our dedicated teachers, LPLC feels like a “home away from home.  We strive to meet each child’s individual needs in the areas of emotional, social, linguistic and cognitive development.   Our infant, toddler and preschool curriculum are based around each individual child's needs so that they can grow and develop at their own pace and feel confident about themselves.   

Throughout the day, each child will have an opportunity to explore in the different areas of the classroom that will include:  Science, Math, Pre-reading, Pre-writing, Music and Movement, Cooking, Arts & Crafts, Dramatic Play, and Self Help skills.  We also have “Outside Time” both in the morning and afternoon which gives each child the opportunity to work on their gross motor skills.  If you are looking for quality care that is affordable, give us a call today!

Our Staff

 Staff at LPLC are dedicated early childhood  professionals with a heartfelt commitment to their career and our center.  They are highly credentialed, holding degrees from various universities and participating in ongoing professional development.  Our staff are multilingual and reflect our diverse community.  

"My name is Holly Ghannam.  I am the owner/director of LPLC.  I have over 20+ years of experience working with young children.  

My passion and dedication to LPLC is reflected in the center’s growth, achievements and the many smiles on the faces of our children and families.  In recent years, LPLC has earned NAEYC accreditation and joined the Danbury School Readiness Network.  Since opening in 2005, it has been my commitment to keep moving LPLC forward; building upon our current success and striving to provide the best early childhood learning experience.  

 I enjoy coming to work every day, watching the children achieve milestones, and finding new and creative ways to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment. I am confident we will have a positive impact on both the children and families who become part of the LPLC family.     

I hold a Bachelor Degree in History/ Minor in Psychology and 15+ credits in ECE.  In addition, I have a Director’s Credential from the CT Office of Early Childhood.  My hobbies include gardening and spending time with my family."

Ms. Holly

Ms. Rita

"I like working at LPLC for many different reasons. The first reason is the relationship I have with my boss.  We have been together since the doors opened. In that time trust and respect was built which led to unconditional love.


 I am forever grateful for our families.  They trust me to teach their children.  The smiles on their families faces when they see me, and the hugs that we share.  Also just greeting each family every day, answering questions or listening to a story they have about their child. 


Finally is my Assistant Teacher, she is an all around wonderful Teacher.  I value her opinion on lessons and activities. She is always open to implementing new ideas and taking initiative to run the classroom. Our relationship has grown over the years, and I am so proud to teach side by side.  These are my inspirations; LPLC is all about the Love."

Ms. Karen

"When I walked in the door at LPLC I heard laugher, I saw smiling faces and parents and children who were greeted like family.  I decided this is where I want to teach. In just a short time LPLC proved to be a safe and loving home away from home, where children can grow and learn and parents can feel secure in leaving their children in a caring environment.

I love working with young toddlers.  No day is ever the same! There is nothing like seeing the look in a child’s eyes when they release a butterfly for the first time!  When I came back from lunch one day, one child said, “Miss Karen, you’re home!”  For sure I was and I’ve been here ever since!"

Our passion for early childhood education is second to none!

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